25 Tips for Flying Spirit Airlines: Showing Our Spirit for Spirit Airlines

“Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going.”

Paul Theroux

First off, I want to be clear. This is an unsolicited post. It's just my opinion after over 15 flights with Spirit Airlines this year. We've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of flying with Spirit, and we love it.

Sometimes, when we travel with Spirit, we truly don't know much at all about where we're going before we book tickets. Jason and I pretty much go wherever we can afford to put our feet for whatever length of time makes that journey most affordable. And Spirit makes all of it possible. They're our "man behind the curtain" if you will.

On the outside of a Spirit plane we flew recently. Taken while embarking the plane.

​Here we are showing some love to Spirit Airlines on a Spirit flight. We're smiling because of all the destinations...and the delirious lack of sleep. That makes us smile like this, too.

Things to know when you travel with Spirit Airlines:

1. Their customer service is incredible if you email or talk to someone

2. Their discounts are steep, so you get less with your flight

3. They consistently underpromise and overdeliver

4. Everything costs something once you're on a flight with Spirit

5. You can only bring one personal item (like a purse or small backpack) if you don't want to pay baggage fees

6. Incredible destinations are within your reach

7. Spirit is fun to fly because you develop camaraderie with the other travelers

8. They'll definitely try to sell you things

9. The alternatives to Spirit can be chintzy, too

10. Spirit (and Frontier) don't coordinate with TSA Pre-Check, so if you pay the $80 to enroll in that program and then only travel Spirit and Frontier, you won't be able to use TSA Pre-Check. Show up early and wait it out.

11. Inconveniences (gate changes, terminal changes) are to be expected, but if there's any real problem, you can count on Spirit to take care of things for you

12. Keep an eye on the departures boards to watch for gate changes

13. Spirit actually has a strict no-divas policy, so if you travel like a diva or drama queen, don't bother (okay, that's not true, but it is true that most of the people you'll meet on Spirit flights are very chill people because they're more keen to travel than to arrive in style)

14. Spirit pilots are brave people, they're putting up with customers who are a little off-beat, so show them some love and clap when they stick a good landing

15. Many of Spirit's planes have removed extras...like seat padding...to get more people on board. The planes are safe, but no one said anything about being comfortable. Remind yourself that it's not about the flight, it's about the destination.

16. There is very limited baggage space and often the last people aboard the plane have to check their carry-on luggage (no cost, but kind of annoying), so be early

17. You aren't going to always get to sit by the person or people you're traveling with. If this is a big deal, spend the extra to get your seat assigned to you ahead of time.

18. Spirit planes are often small, so expect some turbulence

19. The flights and layovers are often strange, such as flying to Florida for a layover on a flight from New York to Denver

20. You'll be flying at night a lot, so get ready to be tired

21. Most of the flight attendants we've met through Spirit are good natured, sick of bull, and are hilarious, be friendly to them and they'll be friendly to you

22. Read the fine print. And then read it again. Make sure you understand all of the requirements and you'll do great!

23. Spirit and Frontier compete, so if you sign up for both email deal lists (Frontier is the Daily Deal Den, I think), you're likely to get emails back-to-back. Hang on and wait for the sweet deals to roll in.

24. The Spirit Credit Card is a lot like the airline...no frills. If you're like us and debt is a no-no, it's not really worth it.

25. Prepare to fly to weird places at weird times. It's okay. You'll be seeing more.

And above all, Spirit rocks. Seriously. Accept them for who they are: A fantastic discount airline.

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