Who we are



Living the Dream

We met and fell in love when we were basically still kids. I was 19 and he was 21. We dated for a few years and I moved to Africa while he finished school. I'd never left the country by myself before that point, and it brought on a whole new hunger in me for adventure and for knowing the world. We got married, moved to Africa together for a time, and then returned to Colorado again. But we'll never be normal. We've accepted that we will always be outside the culture we inhabit. We have hearts incurably infected with wanderlust. We are ever searching to expand our dream and live it.

We have a friend who, when asked how life is going nearly always responds, "Oh, living the dream." And he is because he dreams and lives outside the box. He is someone who inspires both of us and has always, in a way, pushed us to be more honest with ourselves and chase our dreams.

We are Royal Vagabonds. Travel is paramount to us, and adventure is the stuff of life. We are bound by the norms of American culture: desk jobs, 2 weeks of vacation, and a small working budget without space for the extravagance of luxury travel. But we've finally admitted to ourselves that we can't live without the thrill of the road. The world teaches us and we can't stay away from it. We're like 10-year-old boys obsessed with fire, only we're 30-somethings obsessed with travel.

Our basic motto is to find adventure within the necessary constraints, but outside the common behaviors that require travel to be a rarity. We skimp on things that don't matter so we can make the most of the things that do. At present, we're in a learning pattern, absorbing as much of the things around us as we can.

We invite you to journey with us and learn with us as we expand our understanding of travel, the road, and living in a different paradigm. Learn from our mistakes and share your own travel stories with us.

We're all just learners in this space.

As Royal Vagabonds, we're living our dream, and all we ask is that you go out and live your dream, too, whatever it is.

Learn, grow, and love. Make this world a better place and when you find your own passion, don't let go for anything.

"The very basic core of a man's living spirit is his passion for adventure."

Christopher McCandless!